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Awtomic makes subscription eCommerce delightful. We built a people-first platform that shoppers and merchants love.

Keep customers happy and engaged through personalized subscriptions and unique product offerings.

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Customers deserve the best subscription experience

Shopify checkout

Fully integrated with Shopify to minimize churn and seamlessly manage all of your customers in one place.

Password-less login

Shoppers never have to remember their passwords to manage subscription again. We provide a secure and frictionless portal.

Mobile-first design & SMS

Update or skip subscriptions with a newly built mobile-first portal or directly through text.

The era of transactional relationships is over

Brands that get it, build on Awtomic

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Proudly serving brands like Weight Watchers to deliver delightful subscriptions to customers ✨

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Subscription anything

Awtomic is the perfect subscription app for your online business. We don’t just do the basics—Our unique tools power your Bundles, Shuffles, and Build-a-box subscription experiences end-to-end.

One tool that helps you manage any kind of subscription you can imagine. Whether it’s consumables, clothing, health, or beauty—You dream it, we’ll help you make it a reality.

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"The customer portal is awesome. It's what I would design, not kidding at all!"
— Guido Cattabianchi, Founder of Primal Wine

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We can help you migrate today!

We automagically✨ migrate subscriptions from ReCharge, Bold, and others in a little as a day without losing payment info.