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Unlimited, Flexible Subscription PlansEasily set up and edit frequencies and discounts for any combination of products and/or variants 

Limited support
Limited support

Dynamic DiscountDiscounts that change after order to incentivize conversion or retention

Frequency Specific DiscountsIncentivize purchase frequency

Flexible Subscription Shipping PoliciesShipping profiles with custom rates and zones just for subscriptions.

Day of the week/month batch billingBatch recurring billing dates on certain days of the week/month with flexibility to set a minimum number of days between orders

Limited support

Gift subscriptionsUniqueRecipient gets their own customer portal, recipient emails, hides pricing

Prepaid subscriptionsCreate payment plans and get commitments up front

ShufflesCreate an experience for customers to try all of your products by automatically advancing them through a sequence

Inventory SettingsChoose how subscriptions bill based on the inventory of your products 

Powerful Analytics Powered by PeelUniqueGet a deeper insight into your subscription analytics including retention and LTV by cohort

Limited support
Limited support

Advanced Churn Mitigation SettingsConfigure your failed payment follow up attempt numbers and each interval within days or hours

Advanced Customer Portal SettingsGranularly control what customers can do in the customer portal to meet your operational requirements

Public API and DocumentationEasily build custom solutions on top of our powerful platform

Headless site compatibilityUse our platform and customer portal for subscriptions on your headless site

IntegrationsIntegrate with top ecommerce apps such as Klaviyo to keep your business running smoothly


Advanced FiltersUniqueEnable customers to filter products by tagged categories and variants titles

AutoswapUniqueEasily bulk swap out products that are in your subscribers next subscription to be replaced with a new product that you’d select

Fixed Price Build-a-boxConfigure personalized boxes with a fixed price and box sizes

Dynamic priced Build-a-boxConfigure personalized boxes that calculate price based on users’ selections. Use set box sizes or minimums and maximums.

Limited support

Easy management in AdminEasy for customer support or admins to manage bundles in subscriptions

Limited support

Easy management in Customer PortalDelightfully easy for customers to edit and manage their bundle subscriptions while sticking to size requirements. 

Limited support

Simple Tiered DiscountDiscount your bundles based on how many items a customer selects

Multiple fulfillment settings and optionsChoose whether or not you include line items and parent box products based on preferences for reporting and fulfillment

Beautiful interface out of the boxSet up a delightful, personalized experience within minutes. Choose from multiple layout and flow options, or build a completely custom purchase experience. 

Limited support

Easily brandable and customizableSet up a delightful, personalized experience within minutes. Choose from multiple layout and flow options, or build a completely custom purchase experience. 

Limited support

Upsell step as part of the box experienceEasily set up an upsell step after customers build-a-box to encourage them to buy more

Sell one-time, subscription, or bothFull flexibility on how you sell bundles. Easily add subscriptions later if you want to start with one-time. 

Customer Portal

Passwordless loginEasy login with a code reduces customer support outreach. Optional and compatible with Shopify accounts as well. 

Full control and flexibilitySubscribers can skip, edit order dates, edit frequency, shipping address, and more. 

Limited support

Easily customizablePortal is fully white labeled, brandable and flexible 

Limited support

Announcement and promotion bannerEasily editable banner for important customer information 

Swap functionality and controlControl what customers can swap to from their current subscription products

Limited support

In-portal credit card additionSubscribers can add new credit cards directly in the portal, without having to use an email or navigate somewhere else. 

True pause to reduce churnGive subscribers the ability to truly pause. We have seen this reduce churn by 20%

Built in Cancel MitigationAutomatically get best-in-class cancel mitigation flows out-of-the-box 

Custom Cancel MitigationCreate custom cancel mitigation questions and flows

Advanced Mitigation FlowsRoute customers through mitigation strategies to prevent churn (update shipping, frequency, or pause) 

Limited support

Cancellation DiscountsConfigure discounts as an incentive to stay subscribed during cancellation attempts

Subscription Add-onsBoost AOV by highlighting top add-on items to include in next subscription order

Limited support

One-time Add-onsBoost average order value by highlighting top one time purchase products to be included in next shipment 

Limited support

Smart Add-onsPromote relevant items based on the products in a customer’s subscriptions

Exclusive Add-ons DiscountsGive subscribers special discounts that aren’t available elsewhere - like “10% off merch”

Subscriber only perks and accessGive subscribers access to new products in the customer portal before they drop 

Limited support

Edit build-a-boxEasily update box subscription through the customer portal to make any changes, any time while maintaining requirements 

Limited support

Customizable EmailsCustomize branding, content, and timing for all important subscription notifications

Limited support

SMS RemindersPowerful notifications about new subscriptions, upcoming orders and failed payments with secure links to the portal 

Limited support

SMS Quiet HoursPrevent customers from being disturbed during the specified times.

Simple migration processEasily migrate your current subscribers to a new platform without any interference

Limited support
Limited support

Gift recipient portalUniqueCustomer portal automatically created for gift recipients to control their own subscription


User Experience FocusedExtensive user testing & customer experience 

Tech & Design ExpertsSenior engineers, designers, and experts from Microsoft, Eventbrite, Cisco, Privy, Expedia, OKCoin & Redfin

White glove onboarding and migrations for all brandsOur specialized team will get you fully set up 

Limited support

Timezone CoverageGet support no matter where in the world you are with a global team dedicated to helping you

Shopify subscriptions

Free trial

14-day trial

BatchingNewCompatible with 3PL software

Account management

Unique features


$299/mo+ 1% Transaction fee

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Shopify subscriptions

Free trial

Extended trial available

Unlimited subscriptions & products

Prepaid subscriptions

Dynamic price subscriptions

Trial subscriptions (coming soon)

Integrated checkout

BatchingNewCompatible with 3PL software

Account management

Password-less login

SMS support

Intelligent add-ons

Unique features

Multi-order PrepaidNewCompatible with 3PL software


Dynamic Build-a-box NewFlexible priced items and box size rules + Improved 3PL support

Classic bundles(coming soon)

Shuffle susbcriptions

Gift subscriptions (coming soon)

Kit subscriptionsBetaRequest access


Smart inventory delay

Dunning process

Cancel mitigation

Customization and Design

Basic email branding

Complete CSS Control

Theme engine(coming soon)


Open APIs(coming soon)

Headless commerce support(coming soon)



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Priority support

Training and onboarding

Custom theme development

Strategy syncs with the team

Slack connection

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