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the ultimate repeat purchase platform.

Awtomic provides shoppers and merchants with the best tools to easily manage subscription products and membership services.

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Awtomic Moments

Personalized Retention Experiences

Beyond retention—build genuine connections. Tailored rewards, meaningful messages, and powerful insights combine to make every customer interaction unforgettable.

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Trusted by hundreds of brands

Awtomic revolutionized our subscription service, enabling us to serve our customers with an experience that allows both automation and customization to take place. We were able to transition our business from a complex, custom-built infrastructure to a Shopify-based platform with a subscription service powered by Awtomic. We've not only achieved a remarkable 50% reduction in costs but also elevated our commitment to delivering exceptional experiences.
-Paige Connell, Head of Operations


reduction in costs
Awtomic is by far the best in class subscription platform I’ve used. After years of putting up with Recharge and spending countless amounts of money on engineering patches and customer service issues, Awtomic was the answer that I’d been looking for all along.

Not only did it have the best subscribable build-your-own-bundle functionality, but the ease with which customers could edit or modify their orders made it ideal for growing our brand and increasing LTV.
-Bryan Alston, CMO


Decrease in support tickets


Increase in AOV
I have far more confidence in Awtomic and their roadmap than I do in my former provider
-Ryan Pamplin, Cofounder & CEO


Increase in AOV


Decrease in customer churn
Migrating over to Awtomic was a seamless, easy experience
-Jennifer Berglund, Senior Director of Ecommerce & Digital Marketing


Reduction in Churn
nchi, Founder of Primal Wine Portrait
"Awtomic is one of the most exciting and innovative Shopify subscription apps in the ecosystem. Awtomic is the ultimate repeat purchase platform for D2C brands and offers a suite of exciting, high quality features and use cases for their users."
—RC Williams, CEO of 1-800-D2C
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Best in class build-a-box and subscription experience

Great for Wine Clubs, Food & Beverage, Apparel, & more

Dragonberry flavor bag
Berry Blossom
Fresh, Sweet, Bright
Quantity picker
Orange Blossom flavor bag
Lush Lavender
Herbal, Aromatic, Wild
Quantity picker
Mint Melody flavor bag
Dragon Fruit
Floral, Fresh, Soothing
Quantity picker

Seamless with your brand

White glove customizations make sure everything looks and feels right at home

Advanced features that scale with you

Engaging subscription experiences

  • dynamic discounts
  • prepaid subscriptions
  • build-a-box
  • shuffle subscriptions
  • gift subscriptions
  • batching on specific days
Discount product user interface
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Smart Add-Ons & Upsells

  • Segmented Upsells
  • Product Pairing
  • One-time & Subscriptions
  • Exclusive or Early Access
  • Unique Discounts
A woman organizing boxesSubscription shipping user interface

Powerful Analytics

Awtomic has the most robust, yet elegantly crafted analytics dashboard to provide brands with powerful data and insights within seconds.

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