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Awtomic provides shoppers and merchants with the best tools to easily manage subscription products and membership services.

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Proudly serving brands like Weight Watchers to deliver delightful subscriptions to customers ✨

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From zero to subscriptions in less than 5 minutes

Native Shopify cart and checkout support
Shopify cart and checkout support
Shopify cart and checkout support

Best in class build-a-box and subscription experience

Great for WINE CLUBS, FOOD & Beverage, APPAREL, & MORE

Dragonberry flavor bag
Sweet, Aromatic, Wild
Quantity picker
Orange Blossom flavor bag
Orange Blossom
Tangy, Citrus, Bright
Quantity picker
Mint Melody flavor bag
Mint Melody
Herbal, Fresh, Soothing
Quantity picker

Built to work seamlessly with your existing Shopify store

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Advanced features that scale with you

Beyond the basics

Convert more customers to subscriptions with Dynamic discounts, Prepaid offerings and Trials*. Our flexible subscription plans support your unique setup and goals.

Discount product user interface
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Simplifying operations

Complex operations? Occasional inventory problems?

We have you covered. Our automatic settings for inventory, subscription shipping and dunning management allow you to focus on your business while we handle your subscriptions gracefully.

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Powerful tools that help supercharge your business

We make it easy to understand your subscription business with our beautiful graphs and clear data.

Build custom solutions using our API and power your headless commerce solution.

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We can help you migrate today!

We automagically✨ migrate subscriptions from ReCharge, Bold, and others in a little as a day without losing payment info.