Awtomic Moments

Personalized Retention Experiences

  • Convert one-time buyers to subscribers at the optimal time
  • Delight subscribers with gifts and discounts that they can claim 
  • Personalize rewards and communications with powerful segmentation
  • Powerful insights that help you target key churn risk customers and milestones
  • Re-engage customers who have paused or skipped
  • Use badges to help customers track and build habits as they use your product

real business impact, one moments at a time

Improved retention

Foster loyalty that lasts. By understanding and celebrating pivotal milestones in a customer's journey, prevent drop-offs and ensure they keep coming back, driving consistent revenue streams.

Boost Customer Lifetime Value

Elevate every interaction. By offering bespoke experiences, not only do you delight customers but you also encourage increased spending and frequent interactions, maximizing their value over time.

Crafted Brand Experiences

With Milestones, create tailored engagements that echo your brand's uniqueness, ensuring memorable experiences that resonate and foster deep brand allegiance.

Key Features for Key Moments

Retention Rewards

Drive up orders per customer with automated retention rewards

Curate and offer rewards that resonate specifically with your customers' journey. Offer a surprise gift on the second order, or a little "thank you" with a 10% off on the 10th purchase.

It's all about recognizing and celebrating each customer's unique journey, making every touchpoint meaningful and memorable.

Discount product user interface

Personalized Messaging

contextualize message and retention for each type of customer

Send them perfectly-timed recipes to elevate their recent purchase, or offer handy tips on maximizing the value of their favorite products.

Whether it's through email or SMS, every message feels special, intimate, and just for them. It’s not just messaging—it's a relationship.

Subscription shipping user interfaceA woman organizing boxesInventory management user interface

Habit Forming Experiences

build customer habits and engagement in your Brand's mission

Building habits isn't just about repetition—it's about recognition and celebration. With Milestones, we've introduced a distinctive "achievement" feature.

Every badge earned isn't just a token—it's a nod to your customer's journey with your brand. Turning routine interactions into delightful milestones.

Active subscriptions graphicA circular pie graphicAn additional analytics graphic

"the entire Awtomic team was lovely to work with — they took feedback and opportunities to improve the platform seriously and were always thinking about what’s best for the customer. I highly recommend Awtomic for any Shopify merchant looking for a customer friendly retention platform!"

—Bryan Alston, CMO

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