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Grow your monthly recurring revenue with easy subscription add-ons

Grow your monthly recurring revenue with easy subscription add-ons

Your subscribers love your products. They love them so much that they’ve committed to automatically purchase them. This not only makes them your most valuable customers, but also customers with the greatest potential to generate additional recurring revenue over time. Our smart add-ons feature makes it easy for them to add products, and for you to grow your recurring AOV.

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Emily Yuhas

Subscribers are more likely to buy more

In fact, data shows that businesses have a 60-70% chance of selling to an existing customer, versus 5-20% of selling to a new prospect.

The best news? Subscribers don’t even need to check out again to purchase more. They’re already getting automatically charged. Our smart Add-ons feature was designed to help them easily discover and add products to their subscription over time.

What makes our Add-ons so smart?

Awtomic takes add-ons to the next level by letting you take control over what customers are likely to buy based on their current subscriptions. We use automatic email highlights and hero spots in the customer portal to make sure the best add-ons for any given customer are front and center. You tell us which products go well together and which ones should be available, and we'll do the rest.  

Incentivize add-ons

With Add-ons, you can offer products to subscribers whether or not they are offered for subscription on your website and you can incentivize and reward customers for adding them with discounts. Defining an add-on discount will encourage users to add more products over time and try new ones, and can sometimes be used to give them to feeling of exclusive membership by having access to better prices as a subscriber.

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