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How The Coconut Cult grew subscriptions 2000% with a flavors of the month on Awtomic

How The Coconut Cult grew subscriptions 2000% with a flavors of the month on Awtomic

“Awtomic gives you the ability to give your customers a more flexible experience in the ways that other platforms just don't” - Ari Raz, CEO, The Coconut Cult

Written by

Emily Yuhas

When Noah Simon-Waddell was prescribed steroids to combat inflammation in his body and was taken to the hospital at age 25 with a collapsed lung, he knew something had to change. He cut back to the strictest, healthiest diet and started taking probiotics. After some experimentation making coconut yogurt, he decided to try dumping his probiotic capsules in and found that it was much more effective as the probiotics were able to activate and thrive before he ate them. He took his yogurt to a local vegan restaurant and sold 20 jars to them to see how it would do. Pretty quickly they ordered 50 jars, and then 500 jars and he realized he had a business on his hands. 

The Coconut Cult is meant to be a “fun cult” of natural food lovers, not taking themselves too seriously. The unique and creative brand that came out of a yogurt experiment has grown quickly into retail and built up a strong direct to consumer business. They’ve grown into a 55,000 square foot facility in Utah and are constantly pushing the envelope on what kind of creativity they can infuse into the yogurt. Recently when Noah got married, they created a limited edition wedding cake flavor with olive oil cake balls immersed in a jar of lemon meringue yogurt so the cult followers could join in the festivities.  

Their dedication to creativity has really paid off with their subscription program. Moving to Awtomic very early on in their journey allowed the brand to make a complex and very unique model scalable and a fun experience for their customers. 

Metrics: 2000% subscription growth since migration

Using Awtomic to Push the Envelope

Monthly Limited Edition Flavors

Coconut Cult is able to pull off something that for most brands would be an unimaginable operational challenge. They create a new, unique flavor every month. What’s extra fun about this? They give subscribers priority on the limited inventory. The only way to guarantee that you’ll get a cool flavor like Noah’s wedding cake is to subscribe and place an order that month. The result? An ever growing, super loyal customer base.

How Awtomic Helps:

  • Awtomic API allowed the team to build a way to dynamically update inventory based on subscription allocation of limited flavors 
  • Build-a-box autoswap functionality enables them to swap folks from one limited flavor to the next each month with a few clicks
  • Our deep integration with Shopify Flow allows Coconut Cult to remove limited flavors from customer’s subscriptions if they skip or pause during the month
“​​It’s a team of smart people with good tech, an extensive and well documented API, and on the customer service side, I've never really seen anything better” - David Barberich, Codearium 

Shipping and box requirements

Shipping yogurt in glass jars means that the number of jars per box matters. The Coconut Cult uses Awtomic’s build-a-box functionality to make it easy to keep customers within specific requirements but reward them for sizing up. They also customized the add-on functionality to limit customers to certain additional items depending on their build-a-box size. 

Deep Customization

Showcasing the creativity of the brand goes beyond the fun labels on the yogurt. The site is loud and fun and the subscription experience is no exception. Awtomic’s developer friendly portal, API and documentation have made it straightforward for the team to create a unique purchase experience that extends into the customer portal and feels all their own, without having to build a custom one from scratch. 

“Awtomic gives you the ability to give your customers a more flexible experience in the ways that other platforms just don't”  - Ari Raz, CEO, The Coconut Cult