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Announcing Gift Subscriptions!

Announcing Gift Subscriptions!

Gift subscriptions create opportunities for strong referrals, engage your customers, and instantly increase LTV. Our new, innovative gift subscription feature gives gift recipients the power to update their own subscription - even edit contents of their build-a-box and also sends them personalized gift email flows for a thoughtful and delightful first experience with your brand.

Written by

Emily Yuhas

We’re excited to announce that starting today, you can set up the most advanced gift subscription experience available in the market on Awtomic. Gift subscriptions are a great way to delight your customers, help new customers discover your brand, and create engaging, long term relationships. 

Here’s why we’re so excited about this feature:

Customers can fill out gift information right on your product page

Gift subscriptions are a great thing to market, but they’ll also sell themselves as folks who love your product already see the option as they shop and immediately start personalizing. The gift note is stored and populates on each order. The gift recipient information is used to customize the experience for the person who is given the gift. 


Here’s where the magic happens. With most platforms, there is no difference between buying a prepaid subscription and a gift. On Awtomic, if a subscription is marked as a gift, then the gift recipient will have an account created for them that allows them to make critical changes to their subscription - like Skip if they’ll be out of town, change their shipping address if they move, and even more magical - change the variant of the item (assuming no price change) if they want to try a new flavor, scent, color etc. You’ll start your relationship with them out right, by giving them an exciting and engaging experience as they continue to receive your products. 

Better yet - this even works with our classic build-a-boxes! That’s right - you can gift a build-a-box and your gift recipients can customize what’s in their box for their subsequent orders! 

Gift Recipients get special emails

This isn’t any ordinary order - it’s a gift! Gift recipients will get emails about their new gift subscription and when orders are upcoming that are special - they have the gift note and don’t include price information. We’ll also send special Klaviyo events if you want to do an extra unique gift flow. 

We make it easy for you to identify gift recipients

We’ll label your customers as gift recipients so you can easily target them to return and continue their experience once their gift is complete! You can also easily see gift recipient information in our admin flow as you interact with subscriptions. 

Why should you sell gift subscriptions?

The strongest referral: A referral that’s also a purchase? Yes, please. Gift recipients can end up being extremely high LTV customers because the subscription was hand picked for them by someone who knows them well! They’ll also get to try your product for “free” before purchasing themselves, so you have a chance to give them the full experience. 

A way to engage your current customers: You have customers who already love your brand and products. Give them more ways to connect with you and share their passion! Gift subscriptions are literally gifts that keep giving - they’re extremely thoughtful and are also a great way to identify your most loyal customers. 

Instantly increase LTV: We love prepaid subscriptions in general as a payment option because they instantly increase LTV by ensuring that a subscription will last for a set duration of time. Offering a prepaid subscription as a gift just gives customers more reasons to effectively pre-purchase multiple orders of your product 

How can you get started? Check out our help center article here, or reach out to us for help! We’re excited to help you take your gifting experience to the next level!