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The best features for upping your Customer Support game

The best features for upping your Customer Support game

Excellent customer support is very important to us at Awtomic, and we know it's important to you too.

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Emily Yuhas

Providing excellent subscription Customer Support just got easier

We're always working to reduce customer support outreach you get related to subscriptions, but when it comes to being able to quickly answer questions and be on top of what's happening, we've also got your back. Our subscription history feature allows you to easily see what actions were taken for a subscription, who did them, and when. The easy, secure customer portal link allows you to see what a customer is seeing any time.

A full history of events

You've got a lot going on and customer support requests can often feel like a game of "he said, she said." Did someone our team make a change? DId the customer change something and forget? Did something unexpected happen with an app? We've taken a lot of the ambiguity out with our subscription history feature. Simply search for and click into any subscription and you can see a full history of events, including what happened, who did it, where they did it, and when they did it. Now figuring out what happened and what the right resolution should be is a breeze.

A quick walk in their shoes

Sometimes customers reach out and say they're seeing something unusual. You try it on your account and don't see the same thing. What's going on? Now you can cut right to the chase by getting a temporary secure link to look at any customer's subscription customer portal. You can take the same actions they're taking, see the same notifications and answer their questions quickly.

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You can find these features by going to the Awtomic app, pressing "Subscriptions" and clicking into any customer's subscription. Always feel free to contact support@awtomic.app for feedback or help!

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