Baby and Kids Subscriptions

Why Awtomic?

There are A LOT of things we buy on repeat for our babies and kids. Pouches, formula, diapers, wipes, and even clothes. We need these subscriptions to be dependable and specific, because - let's face it - kids are picky and moms are busy. Awtomic is the perfect answer for complex catalogs, strict requirements on size, shipping schedules, quantities - you name it. These subscriptions also usually make great gifts! Watch out grandparents, you're about to have a whole new range of options for helping with grandkids.

Features you'll love


The flexibility of our build-a-box allows you to sell items with different prices, multiple variants, and more while providing a great experience out of the box with details views for every item, custom configurable filters and a built-in quick navigation system. This all works out of the box, or can be tailored to your custom needs and designs. We've seen it work well for everything from pouches and baby food to clothes and toys.

Prepaid Subscriptions and Gifts

Making it easy for family to help out with kids is always a plus. Our prepaid and gift subscriptions can make any baby or kid product into a delightful and relieving gift for parents. Gift subscriptions even give the gift receiver the ability to control the subscription with their own account, while never seeing the prices.


Shuffles are a unique feature to Awtomic that allow you to create a fun experience out of a simple subscription. You set up a sequence of products and when customer subscribe we'll make sure they get a different product every shipment. Make it easy for people to try all of your flavors, colors scents and more.

Shopify Flow Integration

Want to do something more complex? We have the most robust integration with Shopify Flow of any subscription app. Set up advanced flows that swap products when babies reach a certain age, add special gifts after a certain number of orders, and much more. Chain these flows with other apps like Klaviyo to create a great end-to-end experience

Passwordless Login and User Friendly Portal

Our customer portal is constantly user tested and adjusted to be as user friendly and easily accessible as possible. Passwordless login helps users circumvent account creation and remembering passwords. The portal is mobile optimized and emphasizes the most common, productive subscription actions that users take - like swap, order now, and skip.


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