Beer and Wine Clubs

Why Awtomic?

Beer and Wine clubs are amazing subscription experiences and Awtomic can take them to the next level with our build-a-box, prepaid subscription and gift features. Awtomic allows you to deliver the joy of your club experience with payment option flexibility and personalization that meets your packing, shipping and inventory requirements.

Features you'll love


Let your customers choose from a selection of drinks to fill their box. Set it up to match your shipping box or crate sizes. Change the selections monthly to give people a delightful and fresh experience each time. 


Bill your customers on the same day of each month to streamline operations. Pick specific days of the week or month that you want orders to bill, and set a minimum number of days between orders to make sure the experience works well for both you and your customers.

Prepaid Subscriptions

Allow customers to pay up front for multiple shipments. Give them special pricing depending on the term length. Set it up to automatically renew to keep them engaged or to stop to make it more of a set duration experience. 

Gift Subscriptions

What’s better than a wine or beer club gift? Let your customers buy subscriptions for their co-workers, friends or family. Our gift subscriptions allow the gift receiver to customize and manage their subscriptions without seeing the price details. They can skip, change their shipping address, and even swap between variants.


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"It's what I would design - not even joking." - Guido, Founder of Primal Wine