Frozen or Chilled Foods

Why Awtomic?

Frozen and cold shipping is expensive and often comes with a lot of operational requirements and constraints. How many items need to be in the same box to make the cold packaging cost effective? Build-a-box allows you to make a delightful experience out of what felt like hard requirements. Let customers fill up their box so that it comes full of the items they want, while keeping your shipping costs reasonable.

Features you'll love

Dynamic Build-a-Box

Do your products have a broad range of prices? Do you have to fill up a box with expensive packing material that has a high shipping cost? Our dynamic build-a-box will help you make what feels like complex requirements into a delightful customer shopping and subscription management experience. Set minimums or specific box sizes and let customers frictionlessly add items to their box from a beautiful experience with options for navigation and categorization, filters, and even slide out detail views so they can see all of the media and descriptions about any individual item as they make their decisions. If they change their mind about what they want between subscription orders, they can easily, self-serve change what's in their box.

Batching and Preferred Billing Time

Do you need all your orders billed at a specific time of day or on specific days of the week or month? Do you have specific delivery schedules you have to stick to? Our system will help you set this up so your subscription billing schedules match your operations, which keeps customers on the same page about when to expect their items.


No one likes to be surprised by a frozen or chilled box showing up when they're not home. Our SMS feature allows you to give customers advanced notice about billings so they can make sure it's a good time for them to receive their items. If not, they can respond skip, or easily access their customer portal to edit their order. They can even easily add items to their order before it comes. You can tailor when this notification is sent so it's timed well for your products.

Customizable Portal

Easily customize your customer portal with settings to enable or disable actions that make sense for your business, to make things look branded, and to easily add and edit special messaging or announcements that your customers may need to know.


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