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Why Awtomic?

For most brands, it’s not an option to ship a single beverage, but if you’re going to require folks to buy a whole case you can make it much more attractive by allowing them to select their own flavors. Our build-a-box is ideal for this and allows customers to change their selections between each subscription order so as their needs change, their subscription status doesn’t have to.

Features you'll love


You can choose a fixed price or dynamic build-a-box to give customers your full selection of flavors. You can even allow customers to select between variants if you offer different sizes or options. Use our auto navigation and headers to make products easy to separate and jump between for customers, or filters to help customers find things they want quickly. Set up tiered discounts to give customers bigger discounts as they purchase larger packs. Set strict box sizes to make sure your orders are sticking to your packaging and shipping requirements. 

Customer Portal

Once customers have built their box, they can use our powerful customer portal to edit their selections whenever they want, while our system makes sure they select between the desired set of products, and stays within the supported box sizes. If they want to upsize or downsize, no problem! They can do that as well. With the powerful capabilities of being able to adjust all of their subscription settings, you’ll be hearing crickets in your customer support channels. 


Especially if you’re shipping chilled or frozen items, it’s important for customers to know when their orders are coming up. Our convenient SMS functionality allows customers to get their upcoming order reminders via text and takes them directly to the portal where they have a fully mobile optimized experience. They can also reply “skip” directly to skip their next order. Set up quiet hours to make sure people aren't disturbed during the night.


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