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Why Awtomic?

When it comes to meals, Awtomic is the best solution available on Shopify. Our dynamic Build-a-box allows you to offer a range of meals with different prices, and sizes. Our advanced filters allow customers to easily find the categories and types of meals they want. Our powerful auto-swap functionality allows you to bulk edit all of your subscribers boxes in minutes - mapping their selections directly to new selections as your menu changes. Batching functionality allows you to bill subscriptions on specific days so your kitchens can prepare meals before shipping or delivery.

Features you'll love


Low friction, easy selection, easy filtering, variant selection and categorization - what more could you ask for? Set up specific meal package sizes and let your customers customize away. The best part? They can jump into their portal every week to update their selections to get the variety that they need to stay subscribed. 


Weekly menu changes? Seasonal or specialty meals? No matter what your special sauce is, you can create a delightful experience for your customers as you auto update their boxes, while keeping their preferences within the category, or even doing a direct mapping to new products. Execute the update for all your subscribers self-service, within minutes. 


Meals require strict timelines - we get it. Implement cutoff times by setting a specific billing day and time each week. Clearly communicate the billing and delivery times for your customers to make sure everyone’s expectations are aligned and then they can cross meal prep off their list forever. 


Our detailed exports allow you to get lists of all customer selections so you can use them for purchasing and planning purposes as you approach each meal delivery timeframe.  


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