Pet Food and Products

Why Awtomic?

Who doesn’t love to regularly spoil their furry friends with high quality food, treats and toys? Awtomic allows you to set up programs that are highly tailored to your pet’s favorite things and dietary needs. Frozen foods? No problem! Dealing with allergies, treat and toy preferences, or gifts? You've found the right tool.

Features you'll love

Build-a-box and Filters

Use our filters to help people narrow down their choices to their pet’s favorite toys, flavors, textures, remove allergens and more. Easily define and edit filters in the app as your catalog changes and grows.

Batching and Preferred Billing Time

Selling frozen specialty food? We are great at managing complex operational requirements and allow you to bill at specific times on specific days of the week or months. 

SMS and Email Communication

Your customers will always know when to expect their pet products. Customize your emails to feel branded and personal.

Dynamic Build-A-Box Minimums

Need to send a minimum number of items? No problem! You can configure our dynamic build-a-boxes to require a minimum but allow customers flexibility to add more products above that.


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